Climate change is for real and it’s about time we start bringing some changes in to our lives to repair the damage. Few real-life scenarios have already proved that climate crisis is the next big worry on our minds. Before it’s too late, we need to start bringing in a positive change and improve our lifestyle habits to reduce our carbon footprint.

Protecting our planet starts from within, it is a conscious effort that one needs to make in order to bring change to the world. Let us talk about 3 simple and useful ways to combat climate change before it’s too late.

Avoid plastic

Plastic is a material that is present in our everyday life. However, the durability of plastic takes almost a lifetime to be totally discarded. We can see plastic everywhere, in the sea, on the streets, in our households and even on the beaches. Plastic when burned, emits greenhouse gases that are more harmful and dangerous to the environment. So, it is best to eliminate plastic from your life one day at a time. Try using natural products and containers that are not made entirely out of plastic.

Switch to renewable energy

Switch to renewable and green energy to save resources. One needs to realize that these resources are limited and anything in excess is bad. Over consumption of natural resources will lead to natural disasters. Switching to solar energy is the optimal way to utilise natural resources.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Try to reduce your carbon footprint by minimising your needs that might cause harm to the environment. Needs like over buying, commuting every day in your car, overconsumption of meat, etc. These can be reduced by switching to eco-friendly ways. You can use your cycle instead for commuting, switch to solar energy for electricity, follow a plant-based diet, limit your meat consumption, carpool with your colleagues every day to the office. By doing all this, you will reduce your carbon footprint and hence, save the planet from dying.

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