2 Days Online Workshop on Patent Drafting and Processing with Importance of Trademark and Copyright

06, 07, 08 & 09 May 2020

The four days online workshop is focused on providing significant knowledge in Intellectual Property Rights, Copyright and Trademark. The workshop includes knowledge sharing sessions from fundamentals of IPR to how to draft a patent and publish it. This workshop is open to all branches of engineering, arts and science.

Event TypeWorkshop
No. of Days04 (2 Batches)
Mode of ConductionOnline
Registered Participants630


Day 01:

Introduction to IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)
Patent Basics, Search and Analytics

Day 02:

Art of Patent Drafting and Filing
Importance of Trademark and Copyright.

Target Audience:

  • Research Scholars, Faculty members and Industry personals who want to know about the fundamental concepts and method of applying patents, copyright and trademark.

Mode of Teaching:

  • Online Interactive Video Webinar using ZOHO Meeting Premium Webinar Application.

  • Live chat, Q&A, polls with session resource person for real time interaction.

  • Access to recorded premium YouTube Videos of daily workshop sessions.

  • Access to protected presentations of all sessions of online workshop.


  • All Registered participants were issued a Digital Certificate with unique certificate number sent to registered email ID.

  • The genuineness and credentials of the certificate can be verified online by visiting: https://www.jaeronline.com/verify-certificate

Mode of Evaluation:

  • A multiple choice quiz type online evaluation will be conducted at last day of workshop and closed results will be announced on last day of last batch workshop individually.


Participants Feedback: